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Sunday, 16 October 2011


I wonder why i even bother living out this double life of mine. It's like one's busted so another has to take over in the mean time. You know it feels like one vital part of you goes crazy and your lose the picture and you need to search for this catalyst that might help you move on.

I know it's the "modern operation" here where i live, but everything seems and looks dead (pardon me for the strong vocabulary). I'm just trying to hold down to this neat thought that i'm going to get out of this place, sane i may say.

Laying the tiles of my life have not been easy, saying that i've fouled many a times is an understatement, but i try to keep it all in my little book of "dark times" and wonder where i was missing all those years.

I love staring at the white moon that looks like it's covered with scars (all those grayish shadows on it). It's perfection in imperfection.

{My sis and i made a pact to meet either in New York or San Francisco. I miss her.}

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         Bhutan's royal wedding beats all the other royal ones:

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Dries Van Noten never ceases to amaze with their spring 2012 collection:

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  1. OMG!!!! my bhutan prince got married!!! there goes my fairytale ending hahahaha. but at least the girl aint trashy! LOVE the new melancholia poster mannn. love reading your posts, but dont so sad lehhhh. miss you. will always be with you heart and soul and brain ok?